Residents talk about private security options after crime

Residents talk about private security options after crime

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Some downtown Memphis residents are suggesting private security after another round of violence possibly tied to weekend cruising.

There is a SkyCop now stationed at Riverside Drive and Carolina after a shooting left two men injured Sunday.

Neighbors said the area was crowded with cruisers when it happened.

"It's definitely getting a little concerning, you can definitely say that," Matt Taber said.

Taber recently moved to the neighborhood and said he heard the gunshots.

Neighbors said it was probably an argument that escalated into something more.

"Probably had got into it with each other somewhere else before and then they see each other and it escalated like that," Anthony James said.

Many people have taken to the NextDoor app to voice their concerns about the incidents.

"So scary. Just a block from my home," one resident wrote.

"Thank God no one was hurt from stray gunfire," another one wrote.

There is even talk of crowd funding for private security patrols.

"I wouldn't want to turn South Main into a police state, but it might be considered on weekends," one neighbor said.

"There have definitely been a couple of nights where I've heard some stuff down here and it would be comforting bringing that down here, for sure," Taber said.

For now, Memphis police have committed additional patrols to the area on weekends.

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