Life threatening, record setting rainfall across the Mid-South

Life threatening, record setting rainfall across the Mid-South

MEMPHIS, TN (NBC) - 4.53 inches of rain fell yesterday officially at Memphis International. That set a record for daily rainfall.

So far today, more than 1.5" of additional rain has fallen (as of 11:45 a.m.) which brings our storm system total to more than 6" and counting. That's pretty incredible and dangerous. Viewers from Olive Branch have tweeted and emailed with 6-7" so far!

Click here to see pictures of the flooding damage.

That means with rounds of heavy rain continuing, we could easily see 8-10" before all is said and done Sunday morning.

There WILL be a few areas, mainly south and west of Memphis that receive nearly a foot of rain!

DANGEROUS AREAS: Many roads in Fayette Co. are under water. Wolf River Blvd. in Memphis at Shelby Farms is also under water. The old adage, "Turn Around, Don't Drown" will definitely be a rule to follow this afternoon, evening and tomorrow. If you are driving and see a water-covered road, do NOT try to pass it. Even just a few inches of rapidly running water can wash away a vehicle. This will continue through tonight and into tomorrow.

Friday morning starts off with light rain, but another round of torrential rain is scheduled to move in for the afternoon. Again, flooding will be a concern all the way through Friday evening, and even into the first half of the weekend.

Shortwaves, or pieces of energy around the area of low pressure to our southwest over Texas will continue to send rounds of rain our way. Another heavy round of rain is expected again Friday into Saturday. Because of the increased chance of heavy rain into the first part of the weekend, the flash flood watch may need to be expanded. We'll continue to monitor.

By Sunday, the rain should taper to showers, as the low finally moves out and East of the area. Cumulatively, we easily could receive 10 inches of rain or even slightly more before all is said and done.

Count on the entire WMC Action News 5 Weather Team to keep you safe and updated throughout the week and weekend!

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