Evening headlines

Evening headlines

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Weather Update:

Meteorologist Spencer Denton is tracking the potential for severe weather this Sunday.  Plus he'll give you an updated look at our 7-day forecast.

What we're working on:

We have live team coverage of the severe weather alert in the Mid-South.  From areas still hard hit by the rising waters, to the potential we face for severe weather this weekend, we've got you covered.

A 91-year-old woman injured while she was robbed.  Tonight, she shares her frightening ordeal and the chemical used on her. PLUS, the pictures Memphis Police want you to see to help catch her attacker.

A Memphis attorney attacked on his walk from court.  His message from his hospital bed tonight, plus hear from the taxi driver who trailed the suspect until he was caught, at 10.

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Mid-South rain totals through Friday…more storms on the way

WMC remembers 'godfather of Mid-South television'

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