Pothole issues litter Memphis after flooding

Pothole issues litter Memphis after flooding
(Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Potholes are causing major problems on Memphis streets.

A pothole on eastbound I-240 near Walnut Grove Road caused major traffic delays Monday.

In addition, potholes on Hickory Hill Road are causing drivers to swerve all over the road.

"I've hit a few of them, and my car is starting to shake," said Teresa Hampton, motorists. "And something is really needing to be done about it."

Hampton said the problem has only gotten worse with all the flooding this past week.

"You've got to duck and dodge," she said. "And if you're driving and a car is coming behind you ducking and dodging trying to miss a pothole...that's safety."

Robert Knecht, the head of the Public Works Division, said it is a problem that happens every time Memphis gets too much ice or rain.

"When water gets inside those cracks and sits there for long periods of time and the traffic drives over it, it just...the asphalt's already weak, so it causes it to form a pothole,"said Knecht.

Knecht said they have as many crews as they can working to patch the potholes.

Some say not enough is being done, however.

"The city is not doing enough," Hampton said. "They come out here, I see them out here and they just pouring it instead of fixing it. Not just putting a band aid on it, they need to fix it."

Knecht said they are doing both, but resurfacing funds are limited.

As for damage to people's cars, the city's policy is that it will pay on filed damage claims only if a pothole is reported to the city and the city is unable to repair it within five days.

Otherwise, drivers are stuck with the bill, even if it's not their fault they hit a pothole.

"The City of Memphis needs to get on their job and do what they're supposed to do: fix the streets for better safety," said Hampton.

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If you notice a large pothole, call 311 to report it to the City of Memphis.

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