72 cameras part of Cooper-Young's crime-fighting plan

72 cameras part of Cooper-Young's crime-fighting plan
(Source: YouTube)
(Source: YouTube)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Leaders of Cooper-Young's newly rejuvenated neighborhood watch are making dozens of cameras part of their new crime-fighting

"We need to stop being an easy target," said Aaron James, organizer. "Until there is some consensus as to how many kicked in doors a year is acceptable, we're going to work to get that number to zero."

72 cameras will be placed throughout six zones using, in part, $15,000 from a city crime prevention gr ant.

A number of residents will be recruited to place the cameras on their properties.  They'll be pointed toward streets, alleys, sidewalks, and neighborhood entry points.

"We're here not only for the neighborhood's safety, but the safety of the patrons and people who come here to eat, drink, and be merry," said Jason Whitworth, block captain.

Neighbor Lauren Multrie said she would be willing to install a camera on her home in order to better protect her family and those
of her neighbors.

"As long as it keeps the community safe, it can be a positive thing," said Multrie.  "Without being too intrusive."

The eventual goal is to use the 72 cameras to help reduce overall crime in Cooper-Young by at least 50 percent.

"I actually hope potential criminals see your broadcast, and know that we're going to be putting in the cameras," said James.

Leaders hope to have the cameras installed as soon as possible. The formal gr ant presentation is April 1.

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