Veterinary office donates bulletproof vests to K-9 officers

Veterinary office donates bulletproof vests to K-9 officers

COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC) - The Kelsey Canine Medical Center in Collierville donated two vests to K-9 Officers in the Collierville Police Department.

The receptionist, Geri Walter, got the idea after reading an article about an event to raise money for K-9 units. She felt connected to the cause because she is the mother of two NYPD officers.

Waters began making calls to research the vests, when Tom and Lynn Givens arrived at the clinic for their pet's appointment. The couple overheard the conversation, and wrote a check for the full price of one vest.

Later, the Givens told friends about the cause, and soon the clinic had enough for two vests to outfit both K-9 officers working for the Collierville PD. In addition, they were able to purchase two medical kits, and new kennel flooring that will help the dogs' paws.

"These vests are quite expensive and can cost anywhere from $600 - $1000 each," Collierville Police Lieutenant Hal Banks said. "Many times, equipment like this may not make it into the budget in lieu of other priorities. We are excited that Kelsey Canine is offering their generous support in this matter."

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