Biker Dad: Woman fights to keep motorcycle riding gator

Biker Dad: Woman fights to keep motorcycle riding gator

Lakeland, FL (WMC) - He's a well known biker, with a scaly disposition and a toothy grin. But soon "'Rambo" could be absent from the charity motorcycle rides he's known to prowl. You see, "Rambo" isn't your typical biker. He's an alligator. He's also Mary Thorn's beloved pet. And she may soon lose him.

Thorn often packs "Rambo" up into the sidecar of her motorcycle to go on those rides. Rambo lives inside her Lakeland, Florida home, watches television with her, even waits at the refrigerator to be fed. "Anywhere I go people are drawn to him," Thorn says, as she kisses him on the mouth full of pearly white teeth that she actually brushes with toothpaste.

She has a permit from the state to keep Rambo at her house. But because he's growing, it may not be renewed. State law requires owners of gators of a certain size to have 2 and a half acres of land. Thorn does not.

"See, he's my baby" she says, as she pets the pet gator. Thorn will be devastated if she can't keep him and she says the people who see him in her sidecar, decked out in his leather motorcycle vest, at those charity events will too.

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