Good Samaritans rescue toddler from smashed vehicle on interstate

Good Samaritans rescue toddler from smashed vehicle on interstate

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A toddler was pulled from an overturned car in the middle of Interstate 55 by dozens of Mid-South drivers who came together to ensure the child was safe.

"I saw this big plume of dust; what in the world," witness Jamie Edwards said.

Edwards was on her way home from work when she saw a car lose control on I-55 southbound between Nesbit and Hernando roads.

She said the SUV was flipped upside down and she grabbed her cellphone to record the crash.

"There was one man running. There was nobody else around," Edwards said.

Then, she said suddenly drivers from all over stepped up to help. She said it was a sight that needs to be seen more often.

"No black, white, you, me, just everyone pitching in to get those people out of that car," Edwards said.

A group of men started prying the back door open and were eventually able to get the window open. She said it was then that one man pulled a toddler to safety out of the smashed vehicle.

"A man reached in and I saw him pull out the baby," Edwards said.

Someone provided a blanket to cover the scared and shaken child. Edwards said it was the heroics of these good Samaritans, in the middle of rush hour on a busy Thursday, that makes her proud.

"There are good people out there who will drop whatever they doing," Edwards said.

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