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What we're working on Monday morning

Good morning!

An attack at Memphis City hall overnight, but it's not what you may think. New video from the scene shows the damage left behind after bricks were thrown at the building. We'll explain what we know on WMC.

Reports of an attempted sex assault at the University of Memphis. Investigators say a man grabbed a woman at Patterson and Southern overnight making sexual demands. Details on what happened on WMC.

Delays are expected today in the first morning commute since construction began along the Greenline. Crews are working on a traffic signal for the crossing at Germantown Parkway between Macon Road and Fischer Steel Road. We'll have an update this morning.

The controversial de-annexation bill is scheduled for a vote in the Tennessee Senate. Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland warns that everyone on both sides would be forced to pay more taxes if the bill passes. We'll explain the vote, what both sides are saying and how that could effect you this morning.

Apple will be in the spotlight the next two days. Tomorrow, it's for the next hearing in the company's showdown with the FBI over encryption. We'll update you on the back and forth on WMC.

Sunshine today high in the low 60s...lows in the upper 30s...It will warm up this week but rain is on the way. Details on weather and traffic no more than 7 minutes away on WMC.

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