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Biker Dad: Calls, texts, emails and more on your windshield. But is it safe?

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Texting, emailing, smartphones and driving mixed together can be one of the most dangerous combinations for motorcycle riders. But bikers are sometimes driven to distraction by devices as well. In a press release from Samsung, the company says it's targeting that problem with new technology. They are promoting a new way they believe will keep bikers save on the road. It's a windshield, which isn't groundbreaking. But this windshield does not just block wind and keep bugs from splattering on your face. It's a smart windshield with a heads-up display that alerts you to what's going on with your smartphone while, the manufacturer says, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.

Samsung says it "partnered in Italy with Leo Burnett, motocross star Edo Mossi and local YouTube influencer Cane Secco to develop the "Smart Windshield" prototype for motorcycles. The screen accesses smartphone information through a connected app, displaying voice calls, social messages, emails and such, while riders keep their hands on the grips and their eyes (mostly) on the road. " The press release goes on to say "When messages flash on screen, you can choose to pull over and engage, or the system can send an automatic "I'm driving" reply. Set below the bike's actual windscreen, the Smart Windshield also shows GPS navigation data."

What remains to be seen is whether this new technology will save lives, or just add to the distraction. Stay tuned.

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