Chopper 5 Blog: Hwy 51 Bridge in Coldwater, MS closed

Coldwater River Bridge closed
(Source: WMC Chopper 5)
(Source: WMC Chopper 5)

COLDWATER, MS (WMC) - The effects of all the rain are still effecting the roadways just south of Memphis. Chopper 5 flew over Coldwater, MS and the newly closed Coldwater River Bridge on Tuesday.

The pictures show the water level is still very high thanks to all of the flooding we saw in previous weeks. This has forced MDOT to push their plans of road construction up nine months. Originally scheduled to close in November, MDOT has plans to replace the 1,100 foot bridge to a 2,000 foot bridge that raises the roadway four feet higher. The raised roadway will hopefully prevent future flooding on the road.

The bridge has been closed since March 11 and MDOT recommends using Interstate 55 for travel between Hernando and Coldwater.  So, if you live in this area, you need to plan accordingly; give yourself enough time to detour and be prepared for any extra traffic.

The project is set to finish in about two years.

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