Spring Break Experience offers activities for children

Spring Break Experience offers activities for children
Riverview Community Center (Source: WMC Action News 5)
Riverview Community Center (Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - While students love spring break, some parents find it hard to keep their children entertained at home for a full week.

April Pittman is a mother of four. She said it's difficult finding something for her children to do during spring break. However, the City of Memphis is helping her out with the Spring Break Experience.

"It's really great," Pittman said. "It's giving them an opportunity to get out and play and enjoy themselves instead of sitting at home watching TV or finding something around the house to tear up."

The program allows kids to take part in activities like jump rope, dancing and basketball.

But more than the activities, what April Pittman's 11-year-old son Devin Johnson enjoys most is getting out of the house.

"At home you just do the same thing," Devin said. "At camp you do different things. You hang out at the gym, go outside, play football on the swings at the park."

All of these activities are done in a safe environment. The Spring Break Experience is free and runs through Thursday at all Memphis Community Centers.


Community Center Address Phone Number
Bert Ferguson 8505 Trinity Road 901-309-1761
Bickford 233 Henry Avenue 901-527-8752
Charles Powell - Westwood 810 Western Park Drive 901-785-5975
Cunningham 3773 Old Allen Road 901-377-3037
Dave Wells 915 Chelsea Avenue 901-526-7193
Davis 3371 Spottswood Avenue 901-323-8015
Douglass 1616 Ash Street 901-327-6131
Ed Rice 2907 North Watkins Road 901-357-6919
Gaisman 4221 Macon Road 901-682-6161
Gaston 1048 South Third Street 901-774-4156
Glenview 1141 South Barksdale Street 901-576-7080
Hickory Hill 3910 Ridgeway Road 901-566-9685
Hollywood 1560 North Hollywood Street 901-458-4084
Katie H. sexton 1235 Brown Avenue 901-576-7070
Lester 317 Tillman Street 901-324-2639
Marion Hale 4791 Willow Street 901-685-8120
McFarland 4955 Cottonwood Drive 901-362-8350
Mitchell 602 West Mitchell Drive 901-789-2927
North Frayser 2555 St. Elmo Avenue 901-353-9419
Orange Mound 2572 Park Avenue 901-576-6878
Pine Hill 973 Alice Avenue 901-774-7950
Raleigh 3678 Powers Road 901-372-2085
Raymond Skinner Center* 712 Tanglewood Avenue 901-272-2528
Riverview 1891 Kansas Street 901-774-3041
Whitehaven 4318 Graceland Drive 901-332-0783

*The Raymond Skinner Center is designated and provides services for participants with special needs.

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