Cookies on Tap: where Girl Scout cookies meet beer

Cookies on Tap: where Girl Scout cookies meet beer

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Girl Scouts Heart of the South's Troop 901 is partnering with High Cotton Brewing Co. for a  beer & cookie parings.

The 2nd annual "Cookies on Tap" will be held at High Cotton, 598 Monroe Ave from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

The d rop-in tasting event is $20 for those 21 & older. Tickets can be purchased online.

The event will feature four High Cotton beers paired with a Girl Scout Cookie that brings out the flavor profile, style and taste of the cookie and beer duo.
The night's featured pairings are: Samoas with Belgian IPA, Tagalongs with Dunkelweizen, Savannah Smiles with CTZar IPA, and Thin Mints with a Thin Mint infused Milk Stout.

"Pairing the famous Girl Scout cookies with High Cotton Beer comes naturally - the flavor profiles pair astonishingly well!" said Nikko Carlson, Brewer at High Cotton Brewery Co. "We were excited to find that the more subtle flavors in both the cookies and the beer are highlighted in a much different way than when paired with savory foods. For instance, the light tropical flavors found in our Belgian IPA are shown perfectly by the coconut and chocolate of the Samoa; or, the enlightening pairing of lemony Savannah Smiles with our very hoppy CTZAR IPA, where the sweetness and lemon flavor of the cookie is accentuated by the strong floral hop aroma and gentle acidity of the beer."

Special to the evening will be the Milk Stout infused with actual Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies, a technique that marries the flavor profiles of the beer and cookie to create a unique one-of-a-kind beer. 
All proceeds will go to Troop 901's college scholarship endowment.

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