Viral photo sparks comments of hope, love, friendship

Viral photo sparks comments of hope, love, friendship

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A photo of two students holding hands while napping went viral and encouraged others to share their photos.

The photo, posted by Presbyterian Day School in Clarksdale, Mississippi, captured two little girls, one Caucasian and one African-American, holding hands as they took a nap. The photo spoke volumes about hate, racism, and the innocence of children.

Several WMC Action News 5 viewers commented on the photo with positive comments and pictures of their own—pictures that transcend race, color, orientation, religion, and gender. We've compiled those pictures in one spot.

Click here to see your pictures of colorblind friendships.

As of Thursday at noon, our post of the picture had 109,000 likes, 35,000 shares, and 2,700 comments.

A lot of the comments spoke about how children see the world differently than adults; how they don't see color, just the person.

"The difference in kids and adults is they don't see the color of your skin, they just see a friend or someone to play with," Karol Dent said.

"These kids should be role models for some (many) adults. Color is just that, a color. We should all love one another as these two children do," Shannon Alcott Brewer said.

Other comments talked about nature versus nurture and how racism is something that is learned, not something a person is born with.

"Racism is something that is taught. The love a child has and sees is something that will forever stick with them," Candace Williams Hays said. "When will people wake up and see the light? We are not supposed to be against each other. We are all equal in God's eyes."

Helen Washington said, "It makes me sick to know that grown-ups hate each other because of the color of their skin. But it's even worse when children are taught to hate each other for the same stupid reason. The world needs to do better."

Some comments spoke about how the photo gave them hope and how we all bleed the same color.

"With all the evil going on in the world and the nastiness of the election, this image gives me hope that tomorrow can be better than today," Robyn Crawford said. "Everyone should take a lesson from these two angels."

Susan-Peyton Allen said, "Jesus loves all of us equally. I fully agree with the state that it is adults that mess it up for children. We all bleed red and were made in God's image."

And lastly, some commenters shared personal stories.

"This reminds me of when my son and our neighbor's daughter were about the same age," Susan Lyczak Zamell said. "They were playing outside and I saw my son put his arm next to his friend's arm and say 'look how brown your arm is and how pink my arm is. Isn't that cool?' It was indeed cool."

Here's to the innocence of children and hope for a better tomorrow.

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