Two bodies found at closed funeral home

Two bodies found at closed funeral home
(Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Memphis police are investigating two bodies found at Hickory Hill Funeral Home.

One mother said she'd been waiting since January 17 to have the funeral home cremate her daughter. She learned today that instead of cremating her daughter, the funeral home owner abandoned her body inside.

"I've been told several different stories. I don't know who to believe. One said she was cremated; one said 'No...and you need to pay me to have her cremated,'" Barbara Walker said. She went on to say she paid the funeral home for a service she never received. "My head just bangs. You know, it's like when you're going through this kind of stress and you don't know who to reach out to. Everyday and every night, you're waking up with this and it's very stressful."

The state inspector said Hickory Hill Funeral Home changed management several times over the past two years.

The funeral home closed March 1, 2016 without notifying state inspectors.

A funeral home employee told state inspectors two women's remains were inside the facility on March 21. Inspectors tried to contact the current funeral home owner, Terry Magee Jr., but they were unsuccessful.

On March 24, inspectors arrived at the funeral home and found two female bodies. They immediately notified Memphis Police Department and filed an abuse of a corpse complaint against Magee.

Investigators said the state inspector told police that there were no utilities in the funeral home and no licensed personnel present.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Walker says she is just thankful they found out what was going on and now she can move forward with getting her daughter laid to rest properly.

"I thank God that they found out because I was going mad, you know, wondering what has happened. Because they could of taken her and dumped her in the trash. That was my thought. Where did they take the body?" said Walker.

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