Serenity Towers improves, still fails code inspection

Serenity Towers improves, still fails code inspection


Code enforcement returned to Serenity Towers for another inspection Thursday.

Agents said conditions at the senior living facility had improved, but they were still not good enough to pass inspection. Code enforcement said the building is still not fully in compliance with code laws.

The facility was re-inspected after bed bugs were found there in February.

Global Ministries owns the facility. The company said it has spent $250,000 dollars to get rid of the bed bugs. They're also buying new beds and mattresses for residents.

The company released the following statement:

We take great pride in the significant progress made at Serenity Towers. Over the past 24 months, we have been working in close partnership with our residents, HUD and the community to be compliant with all state and federal standards and laws. Roughly 285 apartments appeared to have bed bugs when GMF acquired the property in March of 2014. To date, GMF has spent nearly $250,000 on efforts to eradicate the recurring bed bug problem and that work continues. All apartments at Serenity were treated in 2015 and will be treated again in 2016.  One hundred percent of the apartments designated by Code Enforcement to have possible bed bugs have been re-treated in the last 30 days. Global Ministries Foundation is awaiting delivery of 100 brand new bed mattresses, box springs and bed frames that will be offered at no charge to residents to replace their existing furniture that is the likely source of the remaining problem at Serenity. We are fully committed to continuing to make steady progress and to ensure that Serenity is a safe, comfortable and affordable home for the seniors in our community.“

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