Biker Dad: Rider banned from the road after police watched him do this

Biker Dad: Rider banned from the road after police watched him do this

(WMC) - A biker has been banned from the road for 18 months after he did something daring, right in front of police cameras. John Cumming was caught on dash camera going over 100 miles an hour right past an officer on a Scottish highway.

The Scotland Police Northeast Division posted the video on their Facebook page to warn other bikers about driving like maniacs. According to the post, the rider was speeding through a construction zone and a ton of traffic. The video shows him weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds. At one point the biker barely threads the needle between cars without crashing.

To avoid a disaster police let him go, and caught up to him later at his house. Sergeant Steve Manson said, "The officers attended at Mr Cumming's house just after the incident and spoke with his wife. Given the type of riding displayed they could easily have been there to pass a death message."

Road manager Malcolm Findlay said,  "We hope that this acts as a deterrent for other road users who may be tempted to disregard traffic restrictions. Our priority is to create a safe environment for our workers and sub-contractors and road users. However, their safety is also dependent upon the responsible driving of all road users."

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