Officer faces investigation for second fatal shooting

Officer faces investigation for second fatal shooting
Alexio Allen and his fiancee' Deborah Nesbitt (Source: Family)
Alexio Allen and his fiancee' Deborah Nesbitt (Source: Family)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The officer who shot and killed a Raleigh man is off duty with pay.

Memphis Police Department has not identified the three officers inside the home at the time Alexio Allen, 30, was shot and killed. However, a police report for the incident identifies Officer Leon Dickson as the one who shot Allen.

It is not the first time officer Dickson has been involved in a deadly shooting.

"I think where there are two killings in the same career, that is very usual," attorney Jeffrey Rosenblum said.

In 2013, Dickson shot and killed George Golden in a Walmart parking lot. Golden was a shoplifting suspect.

"You fast forward three years and see another officer involved in another citation taking another human life," Rosenblum, who represented Golden's family in 2013, said.

Family members believe if the shooting death of their loved one was fully investigated in 2013, Wednesday's shooting may have never happened.

"They didn't hear me," Golden's widow Patricia Clark said. "I never got a chance to even talk. They never gave us a phone call to even tell us he was dead or anything."

Police said Golden became irate and reached into his waistband as if he were concealing a weapon. It turned out Golden did not have any weapon on him.

Dickson opened fire on Golden. He died in the hospital 10 days later.

"It's just hard to know that your husband got killed and that nothing was done, nothing got done," Clark said.

"The officers escalated the situation, it was already a bad situation and a man lost his life," Rosenblim said.

Rosenblum said officers are given too much time before making statements and the investigations should be just as intense as if it was a civilian.

Memphis Police Department determined that shooting was justified, so Dickson returned to duty.

Because of new policies, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation now investigates officer-involved shootings in Shelby County.

A day after Allen was shot and killed, a similar incident happened, but in this case the MPD officer used non-lethal force to subdue the suspect.

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