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Ride the Ducks sets sail

AutoZone Park has become more than a home to baseball. It's now home port of a new way to cruise in Memphis. "I christen thee the Memphis Belle." Ruby Wilson, Queen of Beale Street, christens the newest way to tour Memphis. Ride the Ducks, amphibious vehicles that roll on streets and cruise the Wolf River harbor, are now setting sail. Rickey Peete, Memphis City Council said, "We welcome the ducks here. This is a fantastic, I say, fantastic new addition to the Memphis landscape." Memphis joins Philadelphia, Baltimore, Seattle and Branson, Missouri as homes to the ducks that offer tours of downtown via both turf and surf! Claire Sewell, Ride the Ducks said, "The most exiting part is going over to Mud Island and splashing into the water because about 20 minutes of our tour is on the water." Ride the Ducks is a different company than the one operating near Hot Springs in May, 1999. That World War II era craft sank in Lake Hamilton, killing 13 people: Claire Sewell, Ride The Ducks said, "We have never had an incident on the water. We have an impeccable safety record. We've had over seven million guests on our tours and we've been in operation for over 35 years. So we're very confident in our ability to operate a safe vehicle." The first riders braved weather made for ducks downtown Friday. Ride the Ducks says it's worked for a year to get to this launch and they expect smooth sailing and riding on our streets and waters. Ride the Ducks leaves frequently during daylight hours, weather permitting from AutoZone Park. The opening weekend special is $10 for adults, $5 for kids.
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