Inexpensive ways to keep guns out of the wrong hands

Inexpensive ways to keep guns out of the wrong hands

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - An 11-year-old is fighting for her life after being shot Friday. Police said the shooting was accidental, which means it could have been prevented.

Gun shop employees know firsthand the safety measures needed to keep firearms out of the hands of children.

"Whoever buys a firearm takes on the responsibility of keeping that firearm safe and secure," Julie Hill from the Arms Fair Gun Shop said.

Gun locks, trigger locks and vaults are some of the items on sale at the Arms Fair Gun Shop to help keep guns safe.

While it's the easiest and least expensive way to prevent accidents, it's also the law.

"The Youth Handgun Safety Act, which is a requirement that every new or used handgun is purchased with a gunlock," Hill said.

A simple $10 gun lock could have prevented a shooting like Friday's.

"It's pretty sad, it's pretty sad. You never want to hear about a child injured," Hill said.

Police said the 11-year-old was shot by another child that was playing with the gun. She is currently in critical condition at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

"One of the cheapest ways to do it is actually the Memphis Police Department have gun locks that are very similar to one of these," Hill said. "And what it does is goes through the barrel of the gun, or you can put it up through the magazine and lock it. You see, there's no way this can be fired. And you can get these free of charge."

Police do not expect any charges to be filed for the accidental shooting.

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