New bill proposes a fee for driving in the fast lane

New bill proposes a fee for driving in the fast lane

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A newly proposed bill wants to make you pay for driving in the fast lane.

"You shouldn't have to pay to drive in the Interstate," Andy Stevens said.

Drivers have mixed reactions on the bill, which was proposed by Tennessee Senator Janice Bowling. The bill would essentially revise the Tennessee Tollway Act to make it possible for TDOT to consider supporting a law that would charge drivers who use the HOV lane.

"There's no reason to," Stevens said.

With all the construction on Memphis interstates, some drivers agree it may be a good idea.

"For the convenience of getting around, yes sir I would," James Benton said.

If the bill passes, TDOT would have to decide how to enforce it. The bill has two proposed options:

  1. Drivers would only have to pay if only one person is in the car riding in the fast lane.
  2. Every driver in the HOV lane would have to pay, regardless of the amount of passengers in the car.

Some drivers, like Stevens, are up for the idea, but others are not so fond.

"Even without construction, it's horrible getting in and out of this area early in the morning and late afternoon," Benton said.

The proposed bill will have to go to the house and the senate, but there is no timeline on when that will happen.

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