22-year-old shot and killed in road rage

22-year-old shot and killed in road rage
Reginald Burke Jr. (Source: father's Facebook)
Reginald Burke Jr. (Source: father's Facebook)
Tarrance Dixon (Source: SCSO)
Tarrance Dixon (Source: SCSO)
Robert Chaney (Source: SCSO)
Robert Chaney (Source: SCSO)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two men are facing murder charges for what police are calling a road rage shooting that happened Monday night at the I-40/I-240 interchange. Police said 22-year-old Reginald Burke Jr. was shot and killed near the flyover.

Burke's father took to Facebook to share his grief, his loss, and to thank the witnesses who followed the alleged gunman's car after the shooting, helping police to make a quick arrest.

"It's ridiculous," Karen Tate said.

Tarrance Dixon was a passenger in an SUV when police say he shot into a second car, killing Burks after an argument at the interchange. He and the driver of the SUV, Robert Chaney, are both facing a second-degree murder charge. They are due in court on Wednesday.

A third person was in the car, but he was released without a charge.

"Everybody has to drive on the same road. Everybody is going through the same problems that you're going through," Chris Fly said. "Keep it calm out there. Don't take it too far like that. It ain't worth it."

Police say a witness followed the SUV until police could pull the car over and take the men into custody.

This makes at least the third Memphis road rage shooting this year on the interstate and the second one by the I-40/I-240 interchange.

"Everyone seems to be in a hurry and they don't care about the other driver," Tate said.

Though it's not confirmed by MPD to be a factor in the shooting, some drivers worry if the heavy construction on Memphis interstates might be playing a part in some of the road rage shootings.

"Everyone is having to merge at the same time. Just the morning and evening traffic," Tate said.

Friends and family close to Burke are asking for prayers for the entire city of Memphis.

Here are some tips on how to prevent being a victim of a road rage shooting:

  • Allow speedy and angry drivers to pass
  • Before you change lanes, use your flashers
  • Don't make inappropriate gestures
  • Don't follow too closely

It's these reasons why some drivers say they avoid the interstate all together when they can.

"I go the street way instead of getting on the interstate," Tate said.

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