Woman's ashes return home after body found at empty funeral home

Woman's ashes return home after body found at empty funeral home

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Memphis family was finally able to get some closure a week after their loved one's body was found inside an abandoned funeral home.

Barbara Walker's late daughter Gloria is finally back home.

"It all just worked out so beautiful," Walker said. "They just want to be at rest and at peace knowing that their mother has been taken care of," she said of her grandchildren.

Gloria's body was one of two discovered last week inside Hickory Hill Funeral Home, where there was no licensed staff or utilities.

"I understand that people have problems and I know the business might have had some problems, but that is not how you treat other people's loved ones," Walker said.

Walker said her daughter was supposed to be cremated following her funeral in January, and she'd been given the runaround about where her remains were.

Now, the ashes are firmly in her family's possession.

"This is wonderful," she said. "Since she had suffered enough indignity."

Funeral home owner Brent Taylor contacted WMC Action News 5 after seeing Walker's story on our channel.

"And I was able, thankfully, to pick up where Hickory Hill Funeral Home left off and complete the cremation and bring comfort to the family today," Taylor said.

The Walker family hopes no other family has to endure what they went through.

"He stepped up and showed out and just brought a lot of closure to us, and I'm just grateful," Walker said.

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