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Memphis Zoo welcomes baby anteater

Mary Ann and baby (Source: Memphis Zoo) Mary Ann and baby (Source: Memphis Zoo)

The Memphis Zoo is welcoming yet another new family member.

Friday, the zoo announced the birth of a southern tamandua, which is a kind of anteater. Zookeepers still have not determined the sex of the baby, who was born February 12.

Southern tamanduas, also called lesser anteaters, eat approximately 9,000 ants every day with their 15 inch-long tongue. They're also called the "stinkers of the forest" because, well, they stink. They produce an odor that's said to be four-times more foul smelling than that of a skunk.

The Memphis Zoo has had tamanduas since February 1999. The baby is the first tamandua born at Memphis Zoo since 2006.

Both mom "Mary Ann" and baby are doing well; both are currently on exhibit in the Animals of the Night building.

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