VIDEO: Man erases gang signs to stop cycle of violence

Man erases gang signs to stop cycle of violence

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Jordan Robinson is a man on a mission. He lives in Whitehaven where he grew up with much of his family, and he says the graffiti and gang markings have got to go.

"Memphis is a good city," Robinson said.

He's discouraged though by all the spray-painted graffiti on fences and even Neighborhood Watch signs. So he decided to do something about it.
Robinson bought some $8 cleaner and a rag, and he began cleaning the markings, street by street.

Watch: Robinson cleans a neighborhood watch sign.

Robinson told us this is something he has the courage to do, and that he wants everyone else to see what he's doing.

"If it's people outside they can see what I'm doing. I'll step out in the street, 'Hey, you guys see me? I'm at such and such location,'" Robinson said.

Robinson fears the gangs in the area use the graffiti as a way to recruit teens who see the markings everyday leaving nearby Havenview Middle School. He said doing his small part to help stop the cycle of violence is worth putting his own safety at risk.

"Instead of just talking about it, I don't want to just be a talk person. I want to show some action. I want to let people know you don't have to be scared. Why are you scared?" Robinson said.

His courage is inspiring others, and the proof is in the comments on his Facebook page.

Chris Adkins wrote, "Salute. Great Thing you're doing."

Leyvonn wrote, "Let me help you make a movement out of this."

"I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing--continue making sure my neighborhood clean," Robinson said.

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