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Chopper 5 Blog: The week of crazy weather and the St. Jude Dream Home

(Source: Chopper 5) (Source: Chopper 5)
(Source: Chopper 5) (Source: Chopper 5)

This week, I have accepted the fact that I sit in the back seat for a living. Usually, what you would call my nine to five, which is really my two to eleven, consists of operating the camera controls from the backseat of Chopper 5. This week, I've had a change of scenery.

When the weather gets as bad as it did Wednesday and Thursday, Chopper 5 stays in the hangar. In order to fly, we have to have at least 500 feet between the ground and the sky and less than 30 knot wind; which was not the case. So instead of sitting in the back of the helicopter and covering news from the sky, the power-at-be had me sitting in the backseat of the Storm Tracker watching the skies.

This being my first time riding in the back of the Storm Tracker, I was pretty impressed with all of the bells and whistles I had at my control. If you ever get a chance to meet the weather team at a radio programming event and view this "tricked out" Tahoe, I recommend it. On top of the mobile weather lab they have going on back there, there's three cameras at my control, a photographer's dream.

During my 48-hour stay in the back of the mobile weather lab, we visited Arkansas, Millington, downtown Memphis, and Tipton County. Fierce winds, downed power lines, and flash flooding were all over the Mid-South area.

But Friday, we more than made up for our missing Chopper 5 time. That afternoon, I was able to visit Arlington from the skies and get a sneak peek at the new St. Jude Dream Home.

If you're a fan of big yards, three car garages, and a large front porch, you need to check out this house. That's just three of the features we noticed from one thousand feet in the air. The home is roughly 3,900 square feet and features 10" vaulted ceilings, an upstairs media room, large walk-in closets, and a plethora of other features that make it worth the $100 for a ticket. Plus, your chances of winning are greater than your odds of winning the Powerball.

For more info on the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway, check out our slideshow here.

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