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GUIDE TO #BSMF16: What you need to know

#BSMF16 (Source: Kelsey Jacobson / archives) #BSMF16 (Source: Kelsey Jacobson / archives)
#BSMF15 (Source: Kelsey Jacobson / archives) #BSMF15 (Source: Kelsey Jacobson / archives)

Whether you're a Beale Street Music Festival fanatic or a first timer, there are some simple things you can do to make your experience the best it can be. The WMC Action News 5 staff has several years of BSMF visits under its belt. Below, are some pro tips that will ensure you have a successful #BSMF16!

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1. Bring your own TP! Those portable toilets have a limited supply!

2. Flip-flops? No. Wear your rain boots even if it's not raining. The park tends to get muddy no matter what the weather conditions. If you don't have rain boots, wear shoes you can toss after the festival.

3. Find your fanny pack (yes, they are "in style" at Beale Street Music Fest, because I said so). If you're not brave enough to sport a fanny pack, use a cross-body bag so you can wave your hands in the air like you just don't...well, you get the drift.

4. "Ladies and gentlemen of the class of '97, wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it."

5. If you don't understand the reference in #4, you're probably not old enough to drink at #BSMF16. So, don't forget to bring some water! HYDRATE!

6. If you are old enough to enjoy some frosty beverages, plan your ride home! Lyft, Uber, trolleys, and taxis will be out in full force! 

7. Speaking of drinking and "general merriment," pace yourself! The festival lasts three days! Don't party so hard on day one that you can't enjoy days two and three!

8. Parking is a nightmare. Carpool! Uber! Walk! Bike! Hoverboard!

9. Cell service can be hit or miss. Pick a place inside the festival that can be your group's "home base" or meeting area in case you lose each other or want to take in different shows. Oh, and bring a portable battery charger...just in case!

10. If you're planning to stay downtown, book your room NOW! You will have some trouble finding one at the last minute. 

11. Girls, don't forget your bracelet! You know, the one that keeps the hair out of your face and off of your neck! Bring a ponytail holder--or'll be glad you did when you start to glisten.

12. Ear plugs can go a long way, especially if you find yourself near a speaker. We know, we're there to *hear* the music, but trust us, when your ears start ringing--you'll wish you had listened! Get it? Listened. Ha. 

13. Bring a small pair of binoculars in case you don't get a place near the stage. You will want to know what Meghan Trainor is wearing so you can copy her outfit later.

14. Hit up an ATM before you head to Beale Street Music Festival to avoid astronomical fees from the ATM itself and your bank!

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