Here's a look at our Tuesday morning headlines

Good Tuesday morning!

There is a surge in violence in Memphis. So far, there have been more than 60 homicides in 2016, which is one every 37 hours. Police say 32 of the 61 people killed this year did not know their attacker.  That means nearly half of our city's victims were killed during random attacks, according to police. Hear from Memphis Mayor Strickland this morning on WMC.

Today the Memphis city council is expected to discuss adding 70 additional SkyCop police cameras to help beef up protection.

It's all up to Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to decide if the Holy Bible will become the state's official book. Lawmakers approved a bill making the designation despite possible conflicts with the law raised by the state attorney general. We're discussing the issue this morning on WMC.

The controversial "Religious Accommodations Act" is on its way to Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant's desk. It would allow businesses and religious groups to deny services based on their beliefs. We'll update you this morning.

People living in Hernando plan to confront the mayor at the center of a sexting scandal. Details on what's expected ahead on WMC.

Did you see the men's basketball championship last night? It's considered one of the best in recent memory. We have highlights this morning on WMC.

We'll also preview the Wisconsin primary this morning for both Democrats and Republicans this morning.


Lots of sunshine today...highs near 70...Rain is on the way for parts of the Mid-South. Details this morning on WMC Action News 5 where weather and traffic are no more than 7 minutes away all morning long.

Here are the top stories on :

Brothers celebrate birth of their children at the exact same minute 

Man arrested, charged in February 7 double murder 

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