Gap advertisement criticized for racism

Gap advertisement criticized for racism

(WMC) - A tweet from Gap is coming under fire for being subliminally racist.

The tweet features the new faces of Gap's new promotable clothing line featuring Ellen DeGeneres. It's called "Gap Kids x ED." It's a promotion aimed at empowering girls.

The stated mission of Gap Kids x ED is to encourage girls to follow their passions. The clothing line is dedicated to donating money to Girls Inc. and supporting the program.

However, while the stated goals of the program are to empower girls, a large group of people said an advertisement for the line actually undermined young black girls.

On April 2, Gap tweeted out four pictures featuring girls sporting the Gap Kids x ED clothing line. One of the pictures features La Petit Cirque--the only all-kid humanitarian cirque company in the world.

That picture, which you can see below, caused a significant backlash.


Critics said the black girl was being appropriated as a prop, in this case an armrest. They said the picture served to dehumanize black girls instead of empowering them.

The controversial picture is just one aspect of the advertising campaign. Another is a commercial including the girls and Ellen DeGeneres herself.

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