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Amy Schumer slams 'Glamour' for 'plus-size' label

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Glamour Magazine's latest issue, which should have been a breakthrough moment in body positivity as well as fashion, has the company in the hot seat with Amy Schumer.

The magazine added several women’s names to the “women that inspire us” category on the cover of its plus-size fashion special edition, including Amy Schumer without informing her first. Other names included were Ashley Graham, Adele, and Melissa McCarthy.

Schumer took to Instagram to comment on the issue:

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She stated that there is nothing wrong with being plus-size. However, Schumer criticized Glamour because the company never asked or informed her that she would be included. She also stated that she is actually between sizes 6 and 8.

Schumer followed up with a video of herself in a bikini and said, “bottom line seems to be that these labels are unnecessary and reserved for women #muchlove.”

Schumer thanked everyone for their thoughts on her reaction, except those who gave her advice on what she should've done.

Glamour Magazine’s editor-in-chief Cindi Lieve responded on Twitter by saying it was not the magazine’s intention to call Schumer plus-size.

Some commenters took issue with Schumer’s comments, saying although Schumer claims there is nothing wrong with being plus-size, she went on to distance herself from it.

Other celebrities have also spoke out about eliminating the term plus-size.

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