Making the Grade: Charley Pride Day in Quitman County

A group of Quitman County students spent weeks studying a Mid-South country music legend. Wednesday, Charlie Pride helped them make the grade when he stood at the head of the class for an in-person lesson. It was Charley Pride Day at Quitman County Middle School. After a rousing welcome, it was time to hear from the man of honor. Charley Pride said, "My first day of school was on Lambert, right up the road here." Pride was born and raised in Quitman County, Mississippi. During the past few weeks, the students have been studying his life and career along with other famous Mississippians. Pride decided to visit the school after receiving letters from students and staff. Although his visit was short and sweet, it's a visit that everyone will remember for a long time to come. The students and faculty are also hoping to enlist Pride in their fundraising efforts, following the defeat of a bond issue that would have gone towards building a gym and possibly more sorely needed classrooms.