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Gasol: injured foot rehab going well

(Source; WMC Action News 5) (Source; WMC Action News 5)

As the Memphis Grizzlies head into a tenuous off-season, questions surround the health of several key players, most notably center Marc Gasol.

"Big Spain" broke his right foot on February 8.

As he limped off the court, the realization set in that the Grizzlies' season basically went to the locker room with him.

Gasol needed to have career-threatening surgery to repair the navicular bone, a tough injury, especially for big men. Grizz fans held their collective breath in hopes the procedure was a success.

A Grizzlies Instagram post from last week shows Gasol's recovery is on track.

"So far, so good. Being really careful so far. I'm very positive, no setbacks, something we always monitor closely. Stay the course. No pain. No Discomfort. Stay in the same time frame because we didn't want to speed up the process," Gasol said.

While the NBA's career-ending injury list is littered with big men who couldn't get over their foot problems, Gasol believes in a full recovery.

 "I had a lot of things going in my favor," Gasol said. "Different than Yao or Ilguaskas. It's not that severe by any means. The surgery went great. The recovery is going better than expected."

Gasol said he's obsessed with doing his part, once he gets back on the court with his teammates, to keep Memphis as contender in the West.

"Watching the team the last couple of months, seeing things I'd need to get better at in order to make this team elite." said the 7-foot-tall center. "The great thing we have always had here is people support us no matter what. In the game, we see people in the stands and that means the world. That's what we're about. That's what Memphis is about."

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