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Bellevue Middle School wins 'Kids Kan' for 23rd year

Kids Kan contest trophy (Source: WMC Action News 5) Kids Kan contest trophy (Source: WMC Action News 5)
(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Students at Bellevue Middle School are continuing a rich tradition of giving back.

The school has been Mid-South Food Bank Kids Kan champions for more than two decades.

The Bellevue Bobcats win championships in academics and sports, but there is another honor that keeps them humble.

"Mr. Malone always reminds us that it's not just about winning but it's about helping others," 8th grader Ayanna King said.

Despite having more than 80 percent of their student population eligible for free or reduced lunch, student's raised more than 30,000 food items for the Mid-South Food Bank.

"My homeroom was very excited about it, and I told my mom. So she went to a lot of stores and cleared the aisles of noodles and cans and it was a lot of fun," King said.

"For other people who are less fortunate, it just means a lot to help them out," 7th grader John Stokes said.

First year Kids Kan school coordinator Laronia Brown said the food drive was successful because the kids are committed to their community.

"We have kids here who really care," Brown said. "They seem to put their needs a lot of times to to the side to help others."

"The legacy at this school is unbelievable," Mid-South Food Bank Community Relations Manager David Stephens said. "I go to a lot of schools getting them prepared for Kids Kan and at this school it's a culture."

The 6th annual race for Unity in our Community is coming up this weekend and Principal Kevin Malone has this challenge.

"The 5K is in honor of Margie Dowell who is the person who started the Kids Kan drive here at Bellevue more than 25 years ago," Malone said. "So everyone come on out Saturday at 8:30, especially you Joe Birch. I got you."

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