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3 fights break out at Raleigh-Egypt High School

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

At least three fights, one that possibly involved a lunch lady, broke out at Raleigh-Egypt High School on Thursday afternoon.

Investigators said a Student Resource Officer was helping a student when at least three fights broke out in different areas of the school.

One student was injured in the fights, but the injury is not considered serious.

Parents said they're fed up with violence in the school, and they were shocked to learn one of the fights might have involved a school staff member.

"Three fights in one day?!" Metha Mitchell said. "I mean, you wake up and you debate whether you want to send them to school or not, because you don't know what's going to happen."

Mitchell said the bigger problem is the environment at the school.

Tanjala Winn's cousin was part of one of the fights.

"She was actually jumped by a group of girls, including a mom who actually works here," Winn said. Winn said the mom who jumped her cousin is a lunch lady at the school.

Winn said her cousin is a good kid, an honor roll student getting letters from colleges almost every day.

"Crazy that you would actually have staff members involved with the kids, when they're supposed to be the positive influence on education," Winn said.

One student had an asthma attack during one of the fights.

Still, Thursday's melee left parents with little faith in the school.

"The staff has no control over anything that's going on. I'm sorry to say that, but they have no control," Winn said.

"It's not a safe environment, and I'm ready to get them away from here. It's a must," Mitchell said.

Shelby County Schools said it is investigating exactly what happened in all the fights. They have not been able to confirm if one of the school's cafeteria workers was involved in any of the altercations.

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