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Police searching for Tutwiler exhibitionist


Memphis police are searching for a man looking into an alleged victim's window shortly before her house was burglarized.

Neighbors said it's a disturbing photo.

"That's crazy," one neighbor said. 

"I guess he's, he's a pervert."

The man is accused of looking into a window in the 3000 block of Tutwiler Avenue around 12:30 Monday afternoon.

A 28-year-old woman inside the home saw him after hearing a noise outside the house. 

According to MPD's Facebook post about the incident, "the victim went to the window and observed the suspect standing outside while exposing himself and fonding himself."

The victim not only had the forethought to take a partial photo of the man's face, but another one of him walking away while he was wearing a distinctive purple backpack.

The woman's home was burglarized later that same day. She was not home when the burglary happened.

"That has never happened to me, but that's crazy. A lot of stuff go on over here," neighbor Jessica Wesson said.

Other neighbors said they've never seen the man.

"I've never seen him around here. I've never seen him and I don't know of him," James Johnson said.

Neighbors said the man must have been passing through and said they hope he never comes back.

"He needs to be locked up," one woman said.

The suspect appeared to have a mustache. In addition to the purple backpack, he was wearing one glove and a mask at one point.

If you have any information on the man, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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