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Video shows man struggling with officers after filming crime scene

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A Memphis man is behind bars after trying to record police during a crime scene. 

In the video, the officer asks the person recording to get back on the sidewalk and then tells him it's a crime scene and to leave the area.

Memphis Police Department said it is looking into what happened. MPD said the video comes from a home invasion scene.

The man with the camera said he will have to get a ride, but then it appears the officer grabs the man and the two wrestle, before someone else grabs the camera. In the video, multiple officers can be seen handcuffing the man who had been video taping the officers.

Most people had the same reaction when they saw the video.

"Oh, wow. That's crazy," LeDarryll Amos said. "I think he was wrong. I think he was too aggressive, man. That's my opinion from what I just seen."

Amos said he thinks the officer was overly aggressive.

"It brings tears to my eyes," Yvonne Mitchell said. "It was excessive."

But not everyone agreed. Some said the man behind the camera simply could have prevented the situation by obeying the officer.

"I did see a crime scene investigation van there," Janice Drake said. "If it was a crime scene, he could have been contaminating the evidence. He could be knowingly doing that, or, you know, not knowing that he was doing that. It might have been a situation the officer had to clear the area."

Drake said the man video taping the officer should have complied and prevented the situation.

Mitchell, on the other hand, believes the man appears to have been singled out because he was taping the officers.

"If it was as critical as that officer seemed to think it was, the other officers would have also dealt with the other people in the same way," Mitchell said.

"They could have talked to him a lot calmer, I think," Amos said. " I think he could have just...'hey, come here, buddy. Let me talk to you real quick. This is what's going on,' versus being really aggressive with him."

After showing an attorney the video, the attorney agreed with those who said it was excessive force. The attorney said the man had every right to be there recording video and did not appear to do anything to provoke an aggressive response.

"I understand the outrage from the community concerning this video; however, I do ask that you all allow us to conduct a thorough investigation into the actions of this officer,” Interim Director Michael Rallings said. “This investigation will be handled expeditiously and the findings will be released to you all at the conclusion of the investigation. The Memphis Police Department takes all citizen complaints seriously and I can assure you that this investigation will be handled appropriately.”

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