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First of 3 Greensward ordinance votes passes council

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

Memphis City Council passed the first vote of an ordinance focused on the Greensward parking debate.

The ordinance creates a legal framework around the Greensward. It explains who controls various parts of the park and puts into law whether parking will be allowed on the Greensward.

The final ordinance will depend on what is agreed upon in mediation, so some council members argued they should wait until after mediation to vote.

Council Chairman Kemp Conrad said they could amend the ordinance to match up with the decisions made in mediation.

"Well, I do feel that this impacts mediation, in that it accelerates the timeline,” Conrad said. “So, it will be difficult to nail down the details of some of these difficult decisions that we're facing."

"The public feels they're messing with mediation,” Greensward supporter Cathy Wood said. “They're stirring the pot. They're sticking their fingers in where they don't need to be."

Last week, the mayor announced there were some agreements from mediation already, including altering the layout of the zoo’s parking to make more room for parking spots and allowing parking on North Parkway. Combined, those would create more than 300 additional parking spots.

Two more votes will take place before the ordinance becomes official.

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