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Man beaten, robbed, held against his will

Eric Johnson (Source: SCSO) Eric Johnson (Source: SCSO)
Sheretta Graffread (Source: SCSO) Sheretta Graffread (Source: SCSO)
Kimberly Bowen (Source: SCSO) Kimberly Bowen (Source: SCSO)

A man said he was held against his will, robbed, and beaten within an inch of his life inside a Memphis home.

The victim said he was hanging out with a woman named Sheretta Graffread when the two went to a home on Hubbard Avenue in the Hollywood area. The victim told police that he and a man known as "E" started gambling inside the home.

The two then started arguing because they both thought the other person was cheating. That's when the victim said he was going to take his money and quit, but "E" got angry. The two started fighting and fell to the ground, knocking over a TV, stereo equipments and other items.

The victim then said "E" and another man started going through his pockets, taking his money and cellphone. Then, the other man held him while "E" repeatedly punched him in the head, even after the victim asked him to stop. When he fell to the ground, he said "E" grabbed either an ashtray or a broken table leg and hit him in the head, causing his head to split open.

The victim said the people in the room told him he couldn't leave until he gave them money for the items broken in the fight. The victim said the door was locked and he couldn't leave.

When his mother called, the suspects allowed the victim to answer the phone. He asked her to get money from under his mattress, and told her three women were coming to pick it up.

Graffread and two other women went to pick up the money. When they returned with the money, the victim was let go. He said he was in the home for two to three hours.

Eric Johnson was later identified as the man known as "E." He is charged with especially aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery.

Two women, Kimberly Bowen and Sheretta Graffread, were also charged in the crime.

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