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New study links hair braids, extensions to balding

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

A new study blames hair styles for putting people at risk for going bald.

The study blames things like hair braids and extensions.

"I've had people come in with sores in their scalps,” Nappi by Nature owner PhuCha said.

The study was released by Johns Hopkins Medicine. It said there is a strong association between certain scalp-pulling hairstyles, many common among African-Americans, and the development of traction alopecia, which is responsible for hair loss in one-third of black women.

"We have to remember we have to do everything in moderation,” PhuCha said.

PhuCha said she has seen the damaging effects of some hairstyles. She said extensions and braids can create too much tension on the scalp, and sometimes cause sores and negative health impacts.

"Just because you wear braids does not mean you can wear them year-round and not give your hair a break,” she said.

PhuCha said part of the natural hair movement is about using techniques to lock hair with minimal tension and using natural products.

"You are really taking a risk when you offer foreign objects into your hair and allow it to be a part of your everyday life.”

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