What we're working on Thursday morning - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

What we're working on Thursday morning

Good morning!!

Shelby County school leaders are stepping up efforts to stop any of their students from coming down with measles.We'll explain what they're doing.

Gangster Disciple crackdown! Accused members of one of the nation's most dangerous street gangs have been indicted and and Memphis is at the center of it all. We'll explain the ongoing investigation, the accusations, the charges, and what's next on WMC.

No new winner in this week's Powerball drawing. The jackpot grows again to $415 million. We'll look at the Powerball frenzy on WMC.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is now involved in the investigation into Prince's death to determine how he died. We'll explain why they are involved and an update on the investigation as we wait for the autopsy results.

Some are calling it the showdown of the century: Clinton verses Trump. An update from the campaign trail from both camps this morning.

Sunny skies, highs in the low 70s...Great weather over the next several days including this weekend. Weather and traffic no more than 7 minutes away on WMC Action News 5.

Here are the top stories on wmcactionnews5.com :

Gangster Disciples history and positions of authority 

Analyst finds the most frequently drawn Powerball number 

22 people indicted after OCU undercover investigation 

Warrant: Slain pregnant Texas teen Holli Jeffcoat found with uterus removed 

16-year-old shot, killed on Getwell Road 

Join us this morning as we get you ready for the day. We are live from 4:30-7am on WMC Action News 5.

Andrew Douglas

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