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Thieves steal same car twice in two weeks

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A car was stolen in Cooper-Young not once, but twice in two weeks.

Car theft may not be all that unusual in the area, but having the same car stolen from the same person is a rarity.

Hollye Taylor's locked 2011 Ford Fusion was taken in the middle of the night from her home in Cooper-Young two weeks ago. 

The thieves were so quiet, the dog wasn't even alarmed enough to bark.

Taylor said police found her car almost four miles away on Lauderdale Street. She thought whoever took it ran out of gas because it was on empty.

The car was up on blocks.

"They took a bag, they took the spare tire, they took my jack, they took my first aid kit," Taylor said.

They also stole her tires, battery, and wheel locks. It cost her $2,500 replacing everything that was taken.

Then, Wednesday night they returned to her house and took her car again. This time, police have not found it.

She said the thefts are happening all over Cooper-Young.

According to Next Door, last month thieves stole a Pathfinder and a Honda Civic on Blythe Street. On Young Avenue, wheels from a car were taken, a window was broken on a car, and another car was burglarized.

Taylor said the tires the thieves are taking are not expensive ones, just factory cars. She said some are without hubcaps.

"It's just frustrating for it to be just taken," Taylor said. "You're just going to come in and take my things. What if I came into your home and took all of your stuff?"

Police are investigating the thefts in Cooper-Young, and residents are keeping a watchful eye out for the crooks.

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