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Security guard reveals biggest safety mistakes shoppers make


In a world where someone could always be watching you--beware. At Overton Square in Midtown, someone is: Major Clark.

"If they’re fiddling in their trunk, I’ve stood there as many as 15 minutes while they're paying no attention, and usually the first reaction is, 'Ah! You scared me," Major Clark, who works for Security One, said. "And I said, 'Good!'"

Major Clark has 43 years in security under her belt, and has seen plenty of mistakes people make when out in public. 

"Taking something out of the car and putting it in the trunk once they arrive here," Major Clark said, pointing out a mistake she sees people make often. "You might as well put a neon sign on top of the car and say, 'This is of value, and I’ve just put it in my trunk!'"

Major Clark also says too many people lollygag, and are completely unaware of their surroundings.

One of the biggest mistakes Major Clark has seen is people who leave mail or anything out in their car that contains personal information of any kind, like your name and address.

"I'll stand over in the parking lot and call them by name, and they’ll look at me like I’m crazy (and say), 'I don’t know you!'" Major Clark said. "I say, 'No, but guess what? I know you.' And it makes them think.'"

Anyone could take that information, find out where you live, and hunt you down later.

They could follow you home, learn your habits, or steal your identity.

Major Clark said the options are endless. She hopes that by showing people how vulnerable they're making themselves, she can convince them to take steps to stay safe.

She also stresses that if you need to do anything in your car, do it before you get to your destination.

"You’ve got to go off the premise that somebody is always watching," Major Clark said. "Is it a good person, or a bad person?"    


  • When you leave a business, don't leave the doorway until you look around. Is it busy? Is there anybody out by your car?
  • If you see something you don't like, don't go to your car without somebody with you.
  • Don't carry your purse dangling. When you are on the sidewalk, carry it on the inside, not the street side.
  • Try not to carry a purse while you are out at all, especially if you are an elderly person. It makes you a target. Carry only what you absolutely need to go shopping.     

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