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Biker Dad: SUV runs down motorcycle in insane road rage caught on video

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An unbelievable case of road rage involving an SUV and a group of motorcyclists shows a situation escalating into a moment that very easily could have turned deadly. It was all caught on camera and posted Thursday by William Tan, a motorcycle rider riding with a group based out of Temecula, California. That's about an hour outside of Los Angeles.

The video, which you can watch below, shows the SUV cutting into a group of riders. It happened on the freeway in Orange County, California. The riders aren't happy, revving their engine, and at least one buzzing by the SUV.  In the post, Tan writes, "Prior to the car cutting us off, we had been traveling in one lane in a staggered formation doing the speed limit. When the car got in front, our riders passed him to regroup up ahead."

That's when things get really ugly. You see one motorcyclist speeding past the group, the SUV follows quickly behind, swerves into the rider- sending him crashing to the ground. "At no point did any rider touch the car. No mirrors, no door kicks, not even so much as a brake check," writes Tanf, "Last, but not least, LANE SPLITTING IS LEGAL WHERE I LIVE!"

The rider is thrown from his bike and slides down the highway in traffic. Luckily, according to comments on the post, he survived. The video also seems to show the driver of the SUV stopping after the crash.

Not everyone commenting on the video is supporting the motorcycle riders. User B Mason writes, "Maybe stop riding around acting like idiots.?" Joe Clark comments, "You brushed him at 0:12 in his lane. Takes two to tango my friend." He goes onto say, "I don't like the end result, but I GUARANTEE you all parties learned a lesson they won't repeat."

Another YouTube user writes, "Has this driver been found and charged for attempted murder??" "Will" replies that it had just happened the day before and there are no charges yet.

I interviewed William Tan late Friday night via Skype LIVE on Facebook. You can see my complete interview below as well.

Here's the entire video: Warning: not safe for work language!

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