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Frayser neighborhood hopes to block landfill construction efforts

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

A quiet Frayser neighborhood with homes, Whitney Elementary School, and 9.5 acres of farmland run by young women’s leadership development organization Girls, Inc. is being threatened.

“We hire high school girls to run the business of the farm,” Girls, Inc. CEO and President Lisa Moore said.

A local company wants the area where they grow blueberries, flowers, lettuce, and the next generation of community leaders to face growing mounds of construction waste across the street.

"Construction debris has to go somewhere,” Moore said. “But we don't feel in the midst of a neighborhood, adjacent to a farm, adjacent to an elementary school, and homes is the appropriate place."

Memphis Wrecking Company owns the property and wants to make it a landfill. The company owns an adjacent property that already serves as a landfill.

"Frayser doesn't want to be known as a dump,” Moore said.

Memphis Wrecking tried to get the land re-zoned in the past.

"Last summer it was up for a vote, and before it went to a vote there was a lot of opposition that had mounted, so it was pulled,” Moore said. “But we knew it would come back, and it's back."

Solomito Land Planning, which is representing Memphis Wrecking in its effort, has not answered requests for a response.

Re-zoning applications, however, include several stipulations to minimize the impact on the surrounding community, including limiting operation hours to Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The elevation of the landfill would also be limited to 370 feet and steps would be required to avoid being a nuisance, causing too much noise, or sending dust into the air.

Also, excavation and demolition fill would not be permitted within 100 feet of any adjacent property or within 500 feet of any residential structures.

"The Land Use Control Board has said we do not support this in the past,” Moore said,

Moore is hoping they still won’t support it. She is organizing people in the neighborhood to fight against the landfill at city hall on June 9.

"It's nothing against the company,” Moore said. “And it's nothing against that landfills have to exist. It's the location."

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