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Man chases down suspected thief, ends up in jail

Ronald Murphy (Source: MPD) Ronald Murphy (Source: MPD)
Crime scene (Source: WMC Action News 5) Crime scene (Source: WMC Action News 5)
Melvin Pollard (Source: SCSO) Melvin Pollard (Source: SCSO)

A man who refused to sit idly by as someone stole his air conditioner ended up in custody, along with the man who tried to steal from him.

"Pitiful," Vickie Smith said.

It's the only word Smith said came to mind when she saw the empty metal cage on the side of her house. The locks were broken off and on the ground, bars seeming as though someone welded through them, and an empty area where her air conditioner once stood. But her fiance', Ronald Murphy, wasn't taking it lying down.

Monday night in Whitehaven, police were called to a chaotic scene that included theft, shots fired, and several car crashes. It all happened near Elvis Presley Boulevard and Wesley Road around 10:30 p.m.

Memphis Police Department said Melvin Pollard, 47, tried to steal an air conditioner from Ronald Murphy, 67. According to Smith, Murphy was asleep when Pollard tried to steal the air conditioner.

When Murphy realized what was going on, he came out of his house and started shooting at Pollard. Pollard jumped into his Ford F-150 and drove off, but Murphy chased after him.

While driving, Murphy fired several more shots at Pollard. During the chase, Pollard crashed into at least two cars before his truck stalled out. He then jumped out of his truck and tried to run away.

Murphy jumped out of his car and continued to chase after Pollard.

Murphy's gun jammed, so when he caught up with Pollard, he beat Pollard in the head with the gun.

When police arrived, it took them several hours to clean up the chaotic scene.

First responders took Pollard to the hospital in non-critical condition.

Police arrested Pollard on a theft of property charge, and they arrested Murphy for aggravated assault.

Smith said she feels her fiance' should never have been charged for protecting his property.

"He was completely right for protecting," Smith said. "I'm just glad nothing worse happened."

She said despite the charges against her fiance', she is proud that he fought for their property.

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