Lawsuit accuses a cashier at The Med of stealing $2-million

We have new details about a MED lawsuit over money the hospital says was stolen by an employee. The Med claims one of its cashiers stole $2-million and bought lots of luxury items with the money. The Med not only wants the money back, but also $4-million in punitive damages. The lawsuit spells it out, accusing a cashier at The Med of stealing $2-million. The lawsuit alleges Cassandra Stanfield used the stolen money to buy luxury items, like a Cadillac Escalade, a Lexus and Mercedes Benz and two homes, one on Fall Spring in Collierville. No one answered the door at the home. Neighbors we talked with say they didn't know Stanfield or her husband, who is also named in the lawsuit. The other home is in Memphis on Shadowland. No one answered the door. A next door neighbor said he is shocked. The FBI is investigating the theft. Employees at an upscale clothing store in East Memphis say Cassandra Stanfield did shop at their business and federal agents stopped by to take a look at their records. Casandra Stanfield started working at The MED 16 years ago. She became a cashier in the business office in 1996. A Med spokesperson says the theft was discovered in March and Stanfield turned in her resignation before The MED fired her soon after. The MED did get a court order to stop Stanfield or her family from selling or getting rid of cash and assets. That is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday. We were unable to contact Cassandra Stanfield for a comment.