Proposed cemetery voted down

One lady complained that her curious kids would yell over the fence while people were in the middle of a burial. She said she didn't want that to happen. But most people who live on land adjacent to the proposed cemetery say it would hurt their property values, and would be depressing. Tombstones are part of life for residents of a neighborhood on Lucy Road south of Millington. The old cemetery is in view from their front yards. So when they heard that an 11 acre cemetery with up to 2,000 grave sites was in the works right behind their homes, they brought their complaints to the Shelby County Commission. Neighbor Ruben Terrell said, "No one wants to look out and see a cemetery in the backyard when you thought you had more or less grabbed a piece of the rock." Neighbor Judy Boyd said, "I'm gonna be pretty much surrounded by a cemetery. I'm gonna be surrounded by the non-living." Richard and Tonya Pike want to put the cemetery in the area. They say they'd make it nice, leave a lot of big trees. "We plan on this cemetery being family owned and operated." They even found a little support on the commission from someone in the funeral home business. Joe Ford, County Commissioner said, "I have faith that him and his wife will make this cemetery beautiful." But other commissioners didn't feel that beauty was enough. They worried about funeral processions and increased traffic on a small country road. David Lillard, County Commissioner said, "I am very uncomfortable with the impact this would have on this extremely rural setting." And in the end the full commission agreed. Joe Ford and Marilyn Loeffel voted for the cemetery. Eight other commissioners voted against it. Now neighbors and not the dead can rest there in peace.