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Man shot, killed in South Memphis

(Source: WMC Action News 5) (Source: WMC Action News 5)

A man was shot and killed around 7 a.m. on Barton Street in South Memphis.

Investigators said the man was 33 years old. 

Neighbors said they heard a man and woman arguing before they heard shots ring out.

The shooting is a shock to neighbors, and they said the scene was chaotic while police investigated.

"I ain't playing. This was a shock to me," one neighbor said. "It's always quiet around here."

The woman didn't want to be identified, but said the neighborhood normally does not have problems.

Darrell Wright agrees with her. He said his family has lived on Barton for more than 50 years and, in spite of the violence in Memphis, shootings in this area are uncommon.

"I mean, shootings are happening all around Memphis," Wright said. "But for a shooting right here on this street, we don't have shootings on this street right here."

One neighbor said they saw a woman drive away in a white car. That neighbor said the car then returned to the scene after police arrived.

Police detained the female driver of that car for a little while, but eventually let her go.

The victim's relatives gathered at the scene, consoling each other, and hoping for answers.

"This person just lost their life," Wright said. "May God bless them and bless the family. You know, I'm glad it wasn't at my house."

One neighbor said she once played outside with her 3-year-old grandson without a second thought about it. Now, that sense of peace and security has been shattered just a bit.

"Yeah, I'm getting to worrying you know," she said.

The family said they have not released the victim's name because he has family that has not been notified about his death.

Police said they have not made any arrests so far.

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