DCS Caseworker under investigation by federal grand jury

So far, the Charles Sharp story has been leaking in fits and starts.

It began with a police affidavit, describing a string of sexual assaults on a DCS van that Sharp was driving.

But now police - and DCS - say the case is out of their hands.

"They have requested files, casework files that he oversaw," says Andrea Turner, spokeswoman for DCS.

Turner says a federal grand jury in Memphis is investigating and has requested all of their files on Charles Sharp.

Court records say Sharp instructed a 21 year-old in his care to have sex with a 14 year-old foster child and that HE himself then assaulted that same girl, all while riding in a state vehicle.

Last week, another 14-year-old came forward, telling police she too had been assaulted by Sharp on a separate occasion.

At this point, Memphis Police are out of it.

All calls to any agency are re-directed to the U.S. Attorney's office.

"They're just looking into him and looking into specifics associated with children he may have come in contact with etc.," says Turner.

Meanwhile, DCS still hasn't explained how and why Sharp was hired in the first place. Action News Five first reported Sharp's lengthy criminal history weeks ago, a rapsheet that should have kept him from getting the job at all.

We should also tell you that the DCS internal affairs bureau is conducting an investigation as well into Charles Sharp, how he got hired and what happened internally while he was on staff.