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DeAngelo Williams returns daughter's participation award

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DeAngelo Williams returned the participation ribbon his daughter received during field day activities. His reasoning is getting a lot of attention online.

Williams is an NFL running back who played college football at University of Memphis. He is from Wynne, Arkansas.

He returned to Memphis on Friday to talk to fans at an event. Many of those fans thanked Williams for his parenting message he posted online this week.

Williams said his daughter finished fifth or sixth in her first event and she excitedly brought him her participation ribbon saying that she'd won. Williams took the ribbon and handed it back to the event's organizer.

"No baby girl. You didn't win," Williams told his daughter. "You got one for participating. Give me that, you didn't win anything. I'm taking it back."

Williams said he returned the ribbon and told the organizer that he does not believe in participation ribbons, so he doesn't want his daughter to receive one.

"I for one, feel like this entitlement age for kids started with us and it has to end with us. I'm going to start ending it by giving back all the participation awards," Williams said.

Williams said he told his daughter if she wanted a ribbon, she'd have to finish in the top three and earn her ribbon.

In the next three events, she did just that!

Williams said he thinks children today feel entitled, because parents have raised them to feel like they can and should be praised for everything.

"My motto is I don't do what is right or wrong, I do what makes me happy," Williams said. "Because doing what is right or wrong differs from person to person, and you'll find yourself swaying if you do that. As long as you do what makes you happy and your kids happy then you're being the best parent you can possibly be." 

"They know that only one team is going home with the real trophy--the Lombardi trophy--at the end of the season," fan Karen Cooper said. "That's real life and he wants to teach his kids that." 

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